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Actually my car has some scratches, especially on door panels due to other cars hitting my car, so i thought polish can help me to remove or atleast lighten these scratches.
Actually i thought polish compound and polish are all the same so I bought it.

I rarely buy products for cleaning/detailing the car, and this it the first time i brought a product in 2 years to work on my car.

Since it is mine first time of buying car detailing products, i was astounded with the different types of products available.

I thought turtle wax was a good company.
Basically my car has lost its shine/looks dull, the paint doesnt feel slippery/smooth, and my paint has been scratched here and there because its been hit by other doors.
My primary aim is to restore the shine and smoothness back, however I saw polish compound for a cheap price and I thought of trying it.

Honestly, i have no idea of how to use these products.

Now looking upon your instructions to use these products, I have some questions...

As you said use a foam pad to apply the wax or polish....
Do i rub it on the panel with force until it gets dry?
I just cannot visualize this, keep rubbing left and right with force till the product is left dry (it was left dry in white color on my silver car last time, and i had to pour water to let it out)

Let the polish or wax sit for a short period (10-15 minutes while you work on the next panel) then buff off gently with a microfiber polishing towel or a soft cotton cloth.
if i am just using a cotton towel, what is exactly meant by buffing it off...
Because the wax and polish compound are now dry, and it is very hard to rub the panel.

I can access Meguiars products, however i would like using Turtle Wax products since I have already brought them. My next bottle of wax would ofcourse be Meguiars.

So it will be great if u can advice me on how to use wax (and polish compound if its safe to use) using my hands and minimal products such as foam pad and cotton cloth since i don't have a microfiber cloth again.

By looking at the wide variety of products, i would consider buying Meguiars products when I am cleaning my car with water. What would you recommend me to buy when I am cleaning my car with water?
Meguiars Shampoo?
or what products am I supposed to have in my kit for washing my car on regular basis after I'm done waxing.
I have heard there are shampoo's having wax mixed which lasts for few washes...

Edit: i know long post going here and there, but i am little confused :P

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