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Originally Posted by AusTiida View Post
The main trick will be to not use too much product. If you put too much on its hard work and dries really white. You only need to use a little bit and rub it hard only on the scratched areas.

To 'buff' it off, you just need to use some elbow grease to literally rub back and forth across the bodywork you've polished with a clean cloth, this 'buffs' off the residual polish left over (and with Turtle wax, it'll be the white stuff)
And the same applies to wax as well??

Use a quality washing additive (car wash) and wash the car with water ( I assume this is what you're asking) before polishing. Polishing or waxing a dirty car will only cause more damage as you rub dirt particles into the top coat of your car.
I meant a Meguiars car wash product for daily washes, like a shampoo or something.
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