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Great detailed write up.

She has a 2008 versa S. It just cracked 100K. Very little has been done to it me chancily other than oil and gas in that 100K.

My wife's car has been acting up taking a long time to cranking then ignition. I was thinking of replacing the fuel pump regulator. I've heard that this can cause the type issues and has seen a video on youtube outlining the replacement for just that piece. Again, her car runs, but occasionally has issues. I don't want to have my wife left on the side of the road. Do you see a need to replace the gasket to remove and replace the pump. I will be renting the tool from AutoZone. For 28 bucks it's cheap. Not sure I'd want to throw 300 at a new pump if this is fine or its just a cheap regular.

Any suggestions?
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