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I actually just fixed this issue on my 2010 HB yesterday. The issue (on mine at least) was that the BCM reads the lock value off the front passenger-side lock actuator to determine whether to open the hatch or not when the button is pressed, and the actuator was telling the BCM constantly that the door was locked, even when it wasn't. I ordered that actuator from, and everything worked again once I replaced it.

The part is 80-500-EL01B. It took me about an hour and a half to do. You'll need to use the service manual, which can be found at this link. The information you'll need to help you replace the actuator starts on BL-166. You'll also need to read through EI-34 and GW-44.

Of course, before you do all that, make sure that this is the issue that's happening. To do that, disconnect the cable from the lock actuator in the front passenger door, and use a paper clip to short the yellow wire to the black wire. If you do that, and the hatch is able to open while it's shorted, that's your issue.

Note that I have the 2010 model with power windows, etc. If you have a different model or trim, I'd suggest you contact the folks at with your VIN; they can make sure you're getting the right part.

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