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How To: Add Cabin Air Filter to Versa Note and Versa Sedan

It’s a bit odd that Nissan decided not to include a cabin air filter feature on the 2013-2014 Nissan Versa Sedan and the 2014 Nissan Versa Note. Maybe it is to reduce their Overall Cost of Ownership or they were trying to save every penny on the “Lowest Priced New Car in America”. Apparently, Nissan actually has a place for a filter and even has an access door. The only thing missing is a filter. Here are the instructions on how to add the feature that Nissan left off.


TOOLS: No tools are needed for this project.

FILTER MEDIA: Nissan does not seem to have a filter of the proper size to fit the cabin filter cavity. The proper sized filter that will work is intended for a Hyundai Accent/Veloster/Genesis Coupe/Tucson or Kia Rio/Forte/Rondo/Sportage with the following brand/codes:

WIX 24684
Pronto PC4684
Denso 4536005

NVF Member Waterscape added the following PN which should also work:
Microgard (Orielly Brand) 3673
Purolator C35865
NAPA FIL 4684 / SFI 224684

Please note: It is advisable to avoid using carbon type filters as they are difficult to squeeze into the filter cavity.

The filter looks like this, with these rough dimensions. Please note the orientation of the pleats and the directional arrow for the airflow on one of the sides when installing the filter.

This video will give you an idea on how the filter is installed. Please note that on the Versa, the access door is on the passenger side and not on the driver side.

Cabin air filter replacement- Nissan Sentra - YouTube

The cabin filter access door on the Versa can be located against the inside firewall on the passenger side footwell towards the center of the car.

Note: Unlike the video or other cabin filter replacement, the Versa's cabin air filter door can be accessed without removing the glove box or any other panels.

Pull down gently on door cover until it unlatches (refer to video) and remove the door cover.

This is the cabin air filter cavity where the filter will go into.

Inside the filter cavity.

Install the filter as shown on the video BUT please note the following:

1. The airflow direction of the filter should be pointing towards the back of the car.

2. Note the dimensions of the filter, the wide (9”) side should be horizontal. On most filters, the orientation of the filter pleats will end up in a vertical position (unlike what is shown on the video).

3. The filter door is smaller than the filter itself so it has to be compressed for it to pass through the door (again this is shown on the video). The filter should pop right back up once inside the cavity.

4. Carbon type filters are generally stiffer than regular filters and may require more effort to compress as it is installed.

Replace the L shaped door. Make sure you latch the top and bottom portion so the door stays in place. ALL DONE!

Thanks to all the people who contributed to the forum thread. If you want to read the whole thread on how this evolved, here is the link:

REVISION 1: Removed the carbon type filters on the list above and added a note to avoid using them for this application. A forum member reported difficulty squeezing a carbon type filter to fit the filter cavity.

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