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Engine turns but won't please!

A little about my car: it is a 2011 Versa, automatic, no fancy features except anti theft and air conditioning(no power locks/windows or cruise control), that I just bought 7 months ago(warranty is expired by a month) and now has 75k miles on it.(was at 69 at time of purchase)

Now, for my issue:

Went to go start my car Monday(10/6/14), but it wouldn't start. When I turn my key to the On position, all my lights on my dash pop up like normal, the radio works and so do the lights. When I turn the key to Start, the engine turns like it's getting ready to start, it just never does. I took a video of this and sent it to a few car wise people I know, and they both agreed that if it was turning the way it was, it was most likely not the battery or starter. Now that I think back on it, a couple of weeks leading up to this failure, whenever I would start my car, it'd take it 2-3 turns to catch and start normally then a second later would stutter then return to normal.

I've been reading up on the Versa trying my best to find out what might be wrong so I can look into getting it fixed, but haven't found anything concrete. So far I've come across everything from my Fuel Pressure Regulator to my actual Fuel Pump. Personally, if it's one of those, I'd rather it be the regulator. My Dad also suggested that maybe it was a fuse or something in my ignition system. I've tried having it jumped to no avail. I was also told to listen for a hum when I turn it to On, but cannot hear this hum the way I can on my gf's car. Not sure if it's audible on the Versa, or if that's an indication of the problem, but I figured I should point it out.

Hopefully someone can read through my windbag of a post and help me out cause I really need my baby up and running...preferably without a $400+ repair required.
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