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Originally Posted by jas32 View Post
I always told my brother (who is ignorant when it comes to cars) that to have combustion you only need 3 things, air, fuel and spark.

I'd say do 2 things before you start replacing parts. Pull a spark plug and leave it exposed but connected and grounded. Crank the starter to see if it sparks. If it does not, then you have an ignition problem. If it sparks then you may have a fuel problem. While the plug is out, check the condition of the spark plug, if it's dry or soaking in fuel.

If you have spark, reinstall the spark plug, get some starting fluid and spray some inside the intake manifold, anywhere convenient, maybe near the throttle body or air cleaner (a 2-3 sec squirt will do). Try to start the engine, if the engine fires and dies, then you just confirmed it is a fuel problem. From there it could be a number of things associated with fuel (fuel pump, relay, clogged lines, dirty tank, fuel contamination, etc).
This is what we did earlier and confirmed that it is a fuel issue. The bleed tube near the engine when pressed was bone dry. I'm going to try and find out tomorrow if it is my pump or regulator. When I turn my car to on, I do not hear a hum of the lines priming(which means the pump it's self is bad) when I turn my car to on. I'm hoping it's just because the pump is under my rear seat and is being muffled. Going to lift up my seat and check again tomorrow.

My dealership warranty is over by about three weeks so I'll have to pay for this out of pocket. Does anyone know how long the Powertrain is on a 2011 Versa or if it would still cover this?
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