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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Hey Y'all!

Just wanted to get your feedback. What types of products do you want to see available for our cars?

I have lots of friends in the industry and they are always looking for input on the types of products to develop! Many of the Manufacturers here in Socal call me when they need vehicles for development and test fits.

I want to see this platform grow...and willing to help out where i can! Not only am i a dealer for aftermarket parts...but i'm also an enthusiast and own a Versa as well!

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see?

i think the thing i would like to see most is someone developing tuning software for the HR16DE engine in the Note/versa sedan as i know it has a lot of locked up potential just waiting for the right tune to come along. the engine itself benefits greatly from breathing mods such as injen's short ram intake which immediately generates another 4whp over stock which is pretty impressive for an engine of this size and just further reinforces the fact that nissan dialed back the performance greatly when it came to this engine and what i believe it is capable of. the other thing i would like to see is a wider selection of handling mods such as coil overs, springs, and also sway bars as when i was testing my setup out on the track at willow springs i noticed even with a strut tower brace, underbody chassis brace and the Tanabe NF210 springs when it came to dealing with high speed turns at a certain speed there was a bit of understeer still present in the chassis, so i would like to see both rear and front sway bars being developed if possible. the only other mods i would like to see off the top of my head is to finally see the development of a true cold air intake for the Note as the short ram from injen is good, but when it comes to dealing with heat inside the engine compartment it makes for a very poor choice to keep intake air temperatures stable which is critical for getting the most performance out of the engine. oh and lastly it would be so much appreciated by both myself and the versa sedan community if we could actually get a proper performance header developed for the HR16DE engine
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