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I love my car dealership. Went in for my monthly oil change and as always I went outside to look at the new 2015 cars they had out. My Nissan dealership is right next to a Honda and a Ford dealership, so you can walk to each one with ease. I headed towards the Ford dealer since I wanted to see if they had the new 2015 Mustang out yet. My face must have been easy to read because only a few steps on the lot and a sales person came out with a huge grin and simply asked, "Want to see the new Mustang?" Hell yes I want to see the new Mustang. We went over and even though he knew I wasn't buying one, he gave me the whole talk about how amazing the car was and let me sit in the new 2015 GT package with the Recaro seats. Holy fucking shit balls in the interior much better then the past Mustangs. Simply beautiful, easy to use and helps you feel like you are sitting in a very luxurious vehicle. The shifter is perfect which made me realize what a huge difference of an ecobox is to a sports car. The clutch was completely different then what I have, but at the same time felt just right for the car and easy to deal with on a daily basis. The only part of the car that I'm not sold on yet is the rear. Just isn't as nice as the 2014 model in my opinion. If I was looking for a daily sports car, the new Mustang would be very high on my list. I still can't stop thinking about it.

I also didn't have to pay any money on getting my tires rotated since I had reward points. So far I'm really loving my dealership. Always a blast talking to the guys and seeing they even work with Honda and Ford which they are next to. It must be working since I always see cars flying off the lot.

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