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Originally Posted by jas32 View Post
Lots of fake/substandard brake parts for sale on eBay as well. That's even worse due to the safety aspect of the part. Too bad people still buy these junk parts, risking their own lives in the process.
That may be true, although I doubt individuals knowingly put dangerous parts on their vehicles. Having work experience in the automotive industry for two decades I can tell you the problem has been around for much longer than ebay and often starts with a legal approach to produce an aftermarket part, with poor research and understanding about the inner workings of the item to insure satisfactory performance.

In some cases it is deliberate in an effort generate more profit much the same as name brand companies moving to countries that offer cheap labor while at the same time not having the decency to maintain the quality of their proven product in the process.

I believe we all have a tendency to see ebay and counterfeit as synonymous. I purchased the radiator through ebay from a US company within 200 miles of home that sold HVAC and cooling parts without reason to be suspicious.

A coolant temp gauge as part of a standard dash layout would have quickly alerted me to the reduction in performance by the radiator so that I would have been drawn to the problem before the motor was damaged as the average cooling efficiency between it and the original is about 20 deg.

Me personally, I can't imagine producing an automobile without the bear essential gauges; oil pressure and coolant temperature as they are crucial especially a temp gauge in FL on an engine with an aluminum cylinder head.

There is a trend by the automotive industry to build cars in a manner that forces you to take them back to the dealership and be subject to unnecessarily expensive charges if you have little to no repair skills.

Two of the most memorable involve Chrysler cars, one with a starter relay placed behind the radio in the dash and the other with a cooling fan relay placed in the front bumper instead of under the hood in the fuse box with the other relays and fuses.

There is no sensible reason I can think of for doing that other than to generate profit for the dealership as the bumper located relay for something so critical as the cooling fan is a doozy to get to for a simple plug in part.

Hey, "it's a jungle out there" with "lions" and "tigers" everywhere.

Just trying to do my part to save as many as I can from a similar headache. As this can happen at your typical repair garage and none would be the wiser.

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