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How to: Install Versa 2009 Hatchback Model Clock Spring

I followed the tutorial on how to remove 1st gen Versa Steering Wheel (Thanks so much) as a start and service manual as a guide. I think my post will also be helpful to many.

[How I knew it was the Clock Spring]
Horn stopped working when pressing steering but works if alarm or lock pressed on remote. Also, if you turn the steering wheel to the right more than 90 degrees and press the horn, it would work. Dealer said clock spring issue.

[Why Do it Yourself?]
Dealer Replacement Cost: ~$350.00 (~$180 part only)
Napa Auto Parts part cost: ~$175.00
Amazon part Price: ~$28.00

[Before you begin]
Make sure steering wheel is straight (neutral position) and tires are straight too. This will help in aligning the clock spring later with steering wheel.

[Step One]
Remove both battery terminal connections. My red contact had little wiggle room so I covered terminal with plastic top and wrapped the contact with a rubber glove for safety. Black was looser but did the same for safety. Used standard socket wrench with 10mm socket to remove battery bolts holding contacts.

[Step Two]
Wait 10 minutes or more before removing SRS AirBag in steering. I waited 30 minutes just to be sure. It was my first time doing this kind of work.

[Step Three]
Remove steering wheel tabs on left and right sides.

[Step Four]
Insert a blunt tool or socket screwdriver into steering tab holes; you will feel a spongy spring type movement which releases each side of the SRS Airbag. I started on the left first, then did the right and pulled from top, then pulled from bottom to release airbag.

Note: It took me a while to notice the spring-spongy movement was further in than I thought, once you do, just push and you'll see the airbag move forward.

Note2: I used a plastic short blunt tool at first, wasn't long enough and didn't work. I then used a socket screwdriver with head small enough to fit in tab hole, this worked quite well (recommended).

[Step Five]
Remove the green ground (horn) wire on left-side of airbag.

Note: It's a bit small and mine was hard to pull-off. Be careful not to pull too hard and break off the ground conductor. It is just a quick-disconnect crimped wire, but mine was snug. I had to use a pair of pliers to hold the ground conductor and another to pull the ground wire off, somewhat tricky while holding the SRS airbag upright still plugged in.

[Step Six]
Remove the yellow and orange connector wires on back of airbag. Use pliers and squeeze near black piece and just pull gently. Should come of fairly easily.

[Step Seven]
Remove the connector with the ground-wire. There is a small locking tab on the left side of this connector which releases it, press and pull up, should be fairly easy to remove.

[Step Eight]
Remove the steering bolt in the center. I believe its a 19mm socket. Once removed, wiggle steering wheel until it comes off.

Note1: Since this was my first time, mine was a little hard at first. I used my knees to hold steering in neutral position while unscrewing the bolt. After I removed, I wiggled from top and that seemed to pry it loose.

Note2: there is a slot on the column lines up with a line above it. When re-installing steering, ensure they line up.

[Step Nine]
Remove top and bottom steering column covers by removing three screws on bottom cover. Then, remove the ignition cover surrounding it; just pulls off. These covers just snap apart, no trick to them, just pry them apart slowly from whatever area is easiest. I found that putting the steering column positioner at highest position (up) will help to pull-out bottom cover.

Note: This is where the other tutorial ends, doesn't go as far as removing the clock spring. I will detail that below.

[Step Ten]
Disconnect the wiper and washer switch connector on back of wiper switch. Now press top and bottom tabs and pull wiper switch to the right to remove (see SRS-37 of service manual for details).

[Step Eleven]
Disconnect the lighting and turn signal switch connector (TSW). While pressing top and bottom tabs pull TSW toward left to remove.

[Step Twelve]
Disconnect spiral cable connectors. Two in back right side.

Note: You'll need to push the tabs that lock these in place with pliers or something and pull on connectors to remove. Requires some force.

[Step Thirteen]
Remove two screws holding Clock Spring in place.

[Step Fourteen]
Install/Replace with new clock spring. Service manual states the following: "Align spiral cable correctly when installing steering wheel. Make sure spiral cable alignment and centering marks are matched (I made sure white clock-spring stub was positioned at top) and in the neutral position. Place steering wheel in straight ahead position, then install it with the locating pin hole directly over spiral cable locating pin" (SRS-38).

Replace everything else in reverse order and test all functions: signal light, wiper, etc.
Results: My horn works again!! Click to hear it! I replaced mine on November 1, 2015.

[Issues, FAQs]
Question: Does your airbag light come on after all work is done?
Answer: Yes, mine came on some hours after driving the car. Going to do a code reset and hopefully it will disappear. No other issues.
Total replacement time: ~3-4 hours for a novice.

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