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I just finished changing the "Clockspring" or "Spiral Cable" in our 2008 Versa Hatchback. It took me about an hour and I had to remove and install the airbag a second time due to getting the ground wire misrouted.

Regarding the green "ground wire": I got too aggressive when I finally got the airbag to release, and pulled it out away from the steering wheel and bent and distorted the flat, brass, stamped connector that is very delicately attached to the back of the airbag. Only pull the airbag far enough away to gain access to the green wire and then remove it - carefully. Then you can rotate the airbag and gain access to the orange and yellow connectors. I didn't realize how tightly that ground lays to the back of the airbag. Since I had pulled mine out and distorted the metal strip, when I reinstalled the airbag, the horn wouldn't actuate properly and would even stick in the "ON" position. I was able to remove it and carefully place the metal strip back in position and then connect the green wire, so that it all laid underneath the orange/yellow airbag wiring.
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