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Pictures from my Clockspring replacement

These pictures only cover the airbag removal portion of the job. The first picture shows the interior of the steering column after the airbag is removed. Note that there are 3 spring hairpin clips that retain the airbag assembly. You only get access to the top two, the bottom one is the last to pull free and the first to be latched back in place.

The next picture shows a closeup of the retaining clip. This is what you have to push against to release the airbag.

Next shows the shank of the nutdriver I used to shove up the "track" and push against the retaining clip. This nutdriver was just barely long enough to fully depress the clip. I think a 1/4" wooden dowel might work better. You really need better than 4" to reach inside.

Here you can see the nutdriver being inserted along the channel that is cast into the metal. You want to keep the tool against the back of the channel to properly "hit" the wire clip.

Now you can see how the nutdriver pushes back the clip and releases the airbag attachment bracket.
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