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I have a 2014 Versa Note S+. I bought a filter from Glendale Nissan here in Glendale, California, last October. The filter that they gave me was the one that they have listed for the 2012 Versa sedan, part #999M1-VS007. I put it in my car but it was too big; even when I squished it to fit it through the opening, it bulged out of the opening. I took it back to the dealer but they insisted that it is the right filter. They told me that their service department uses that filter part number when they install filters for Versa Notes; they said to just stuff it in.

Well, I put it in again. It still bulged out of the opening but I shoved it in there and placed the door/cover back in place. It's been running in there ever since. I'll leave it in there until it hits 45,000 miles; it had about 30,000 miles when I put it in. If the filter is dirty by then, then I'll know that it filtered at least some of the dirt/contaminants in the air.

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Compliments to the OP for the research. Must say though that a few of the named filters' dimensions DO NOT match the dimensions for the 2015.

I removed my filter (27277 1KK0A) and the dimensions were 7.97" x 9.03". Being that I had to contort it to remove it, I'd give or take 0.10"

A few of the filters listed, per the manufacturer specs are off by 0.25" or more. When you're talking air filtration, that is not good. Just because something fits "in" something doesn't mean they're perfect match... For example, a Les Paul will "fit" into a P-Bass case but, if you were to carry it to a gig, there's a decent chance that you'll open the case to a broken-necked guitar.
As I mentioned above, filter part #999M1-VS007 is not a perfect fit in the compartment. This means that air can possibly flow around the filter rather than through it. Just because it can be stuffed in there doesn't mean that it's a perfect fit. It's too bad that people have their Versa sedans/Versa Notes serviced at this dealership and that they don't know that the filter is not a perfect fit.

Also, some people have mentioned that their 2015 Versa (Note) has a filter already installed when they purchased their car brand new. The filter part # is 27277 1KK0A. Last September/October, I went to a couple local dealerships (Surf City Nissan in Huntington Beach, CA, and Glendale Nissan) and they did not carry this part. This is why I bought the 999M1-VS007 instead.

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