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Originally Posted by POSinCarlsbad View Post
By the way... Though the filter TYC 800029P (Hyundai/Kia replacement) fits snugly in my 2015 Versa Note SV (OEM filter 27277 1KK0A), the direction of the accordion fold is incorrect and makes it very difficult to install. I recommend against this filter because of that. The accordion fold is vertical when a horizontal fold would squeeze down better to enter through the opening.

This filter does a great job with the pollutant removal, other than smelling better in the car, it is visibly darker than the OEM 27277 1KK0A filter in 1/4 the mileage already. Same route driven religiously, no new construction along the way. The route is the I-5 near a waste water processing, lagoons, the ocean, and a natural gas-burning power plant.

One of the problems with this thread is vague conveyances.

I understand that the pleats of the cabin filter I suggested is in the wrong direction. I personally did not have any problem installing it. Just make sure it is oriented properly for maximum effectiveness. The filter pops into place once it is inside the cavity.

The vagueness in this tread is because of a number of factors:
1. Nissan for 2 years, did not release a filter for the 2013-14-15 Sedan/2014-15 Note even if the filter cavity is on the HVAC box.
2. ALL parts stores including Amazon who listed a part for these cars had the wrong part for it. They typically listed the part for the previous gen Versa.
3. Nissan finally installed filters on the 2015 MY mid-year but never published that you can use the same part for the earlier MY cars.
4. It appears even the Nissan parts people did not know what was going on at the factory when they started installing filters.

I started this tread after spending a lot of time looking for a proper sized filter that would fit the filter cavity. The biggest problem is that most people do not take the time to read the tread, ending up buying the wrong part and start complaining about it.

With the Nissan part now available for these cars, for most people its probably best to get the part from Nissan directly unless you want to save money and pay less than 1/2 price for a similar filter (one of the ones I listed at the start of this tread).

2014 Versa Note SV
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