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The problem with the obx is the cel issue you have to use a spacer which honestly i dont like because i would rather the computer read what is actully flowing instead of thinking hey the cars running clean when it isnt because it deletes the cats thats the only issue really i have with the obx, it did give the car a bit more power but im interested if this header was built better then the obx maybe a slightly larger down pipe instead of a 2 1/4 maybe a 2 and a half probably would help the flow who knows tho im interested we just need somebody with a stock versa in washington now... the only other problem was the way the header wasnt like the factory one the factory had two donut gaskets which helped with the motor flexing with the obx they used a flexpipe which with made the exhaust bang the underside thats why i have no resonator now because it was the only way to get rid of the bang it still does it when the wheels hop a bit..

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