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I was at Glendale Nissan in Glendale, CA yesterday. Lots of customers there, I guess for the Labor Day holiday. The dealer was grilling hamburgers so customers could grab a free hamburger and soda. I was there to buy clips/fasteners for the front and rear fenders because I took off the splash guards (mud flaps) that originally came with my car when I bought it brand new.

The parts department was closed so I looked at the brand new Versa Notes without splash guards on the lot to see what kind of fasteners they had. Just as I thought, they are different from the clips that attached the splash guards to my car. While I was there, I figured I'd test drive the new Versa Note to see if it's throttle/gas pedal was super sensitive like my car. Turns out most of their brand new Versa Notes on their lot were 2015's so I test drove a SL Tech Package. It didn't seem to have a very touchy/sensitive gas pedal but maybe that's because I've gotten accustomed to my car's sensitive throttle. I also test drove a brand new 2015 Versa Note S with the 5-speed manual transmission for fun. It's super easy to shift the gears; the clutch pedal is easy to push down but the gearing is super short.

The main point I want to make here is that most of the brand new Versa Notes on the lot were 2015's even though the 2016 calendar year is almost over. They had the factory window stickers showing the MSRP, list of features and options, EPA fuel economy ratings, etc. The SL Tech Package that I test drove had less than 40 miles on it so, unless the dealer fiddled with the odometer, it was a brand new car. I thought it was very strange that there were so many 2015 brand new Versa Notes there. Maybe they had more 2016's in their back lot or that dealer traded for all remaining brand new 2015's from other dealerships throughout Southern California. Has anyone seen this scenario happen before?

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