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Trophy Nissan
Mesquite, Texas

I give the salesman a 10. He was a great guy and answered all of my questions. He even followed up on the sale. I told them what I wanted to pay and they honored that price. The problem I had was with the sleezy finance/business manager. You know the guy that you sit down with and sign the papers. The one that always pushes all of the unnecessary crap they want to make money on. I had already been approved by Capital One and had a low interest rate. As soon as I got into Jeff's office he stated that we were being video taped. Fine. That didn't bother me. But he proceeded to present me with papers to sign that had a higher interest rate than what I was promised. When I called him out on this he stated that he needed to go into the next room and call Capital One. Why? If the transaction is being recorded for honesty purposes than why not make the phone call on video? I was being held to that. I told him I was going to walk away from the deal. I was not going to be taken advantage of. He got up anyway and went to the next room. Came back about 15 seconds later (not long enough to make a phone call) and told me he would redo the contract for the interest rate I was promised. Why is it that I can have such a great car buying experience up to the point I get into the finance/business office? Never fails. These guys are what gives car buying such a negative stigma.
Do I recommend Trophy Nissan of Mesquite, Texas? No. Based on the sleezy actions of the finance/business manager I will never go back. Nor will I recommend them to anyone. In fact I have another local Nissan dealer that I will use for warranty work and oil changes.

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