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Originally Posted by arudlang View Post
Bluetooth module is separate from the radio, located under the driver's seat or in the trunk depending upon the model/year. You likely need to change to the same module used by the Sentra (that matches your radio) but hard to say whether it will be plug-n-play as far as connectors go. There has been a fair amount of discussion and experimentation on stock radio swaps by other members, not sure anyone has ever had 100% success. Forum search should turn up those threads for you to read, should give some ideas and shed some further light on your options.
I did some searching around on here, but wasn't able to come to a definite answer. From what it seems like though, the bluetooth module is actually built INTO this new stereo, instead of being a separate module like the old one. Something tells me that, if I can find where this module is located, unplug that connector and plug it into the stereo, I'll have working bluetooth with the Sentra stereo though...

Guess my only issue now is actually locating the thing. I tried looking around in the trunk but couldn't find it, so I guess I'll have a look under the seat later. I tried finding a service manual for my model (16 Versa sedan), but couldn't find anything...

EDIT: I just confirmed, the Bluetooth module IS built into the Sentra stereo. It's just a matter of getting the Bluetooth buttons and microphone connected, somehow...

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