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The lines are nice, I like the shape of the front bumper, the "shaved" door handles are cool. The hood is much too round, it makes it smile; don't do that. A slight grin okay, a teeth mashing growl would be better.
But above all else,
Boo to Self driving technology. That is the exact opposite of what I'm looking for in a vehicle. We don't need cars that drive themselves, we need People who are better trained to drive cars.

Are you listening nissan? Well in case you are, these are the ideas that I'm willing to give you for free;
1. Make the body out of something that won't dent so easily. I understand that you want it to be light weight maybe you could research something to fix this issue.
2. Re-design the car to be friendly for back yard mechanics. (800$ for the dealer to replace brakes and 3500$ to replace a clutch is a ridiculous concept.
2.5 Sell us parts directly without a 1000 or 2000% mark up from the dealer. I need both my arms and both my legs to drive your car. Insanely expensive parts just pushes people to aftermarket companies.
3. Remind NISMO that we (Versa/Tiida owners) exist.
3.5 NISMO PARTS we would appreciate:
-Light weight flywheel
-adjustable suspension
-air intake manifold (not plastic)
-exhaust manifold
...ya know what im getting at, basically we need an (AWD Turbo) Nissan Versa Rally Car.
But seriously we want an awd turbo version.
4. Adjustable ground clearance would also be nice for those of us that have to deal with 50-100 inches of snow per year.
Those four are free, if your interested in hearing any other ideas about how to make a better car or better drivers hire me as a consultant.
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