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And why they do it. It is borderline stupid to change a timing belt that has the water pump in its' belt run yet not change the pump at the same time................yet so many do just like the ones who promise over and over to change belts on the interference ones then don't. Kablooey and new car time.

I have met the enemy and he is me.

Look at all belt maker (not car) recommendations, averaged out most say 120K miles now unless the engine is a hi-perf one. Been that way since around '98-'00, when the better belts began to show up on cars off the showroom floor.

I had Ford 2.3 SOHCs and have 2.0 zetecs, both are non-interference and have 120K change intervals, both engines were 60K before '98. Any sooner than that and you have a manufacturer who is getting extra shop throughput based on your fears unless the car is a hotrod. The Ford zetec SVT model is one of those, it still changes at 60K because the engine bends every valve in it if it slips time because of the variable valve timing. Most will go the 120K but if raced like so many do you are asking for it. Variable valve timing alone often takes a non-interference engine and changes it to interference.

I too check on basic motor designs and problems with the specific motor/trans before I ever entertain purchasing a certain car. You wouldn't catch me dead with one of the newest Ford DCT Focus cars, they are utter pieces of garbage.
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