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True blade refills have died across the wiper industry, like the oil industry and banking ('08) and now insurance companies they are figuring out how to greatly increase profits by simply making less of a thing available through 'shortages' and other fairy tales. They get more profits now by selling the entire blade instead of just the refills by themselves. Of course the legitimate industry claim now is that people are too stupid and impatient to install refills now and what our schools have brought us. Like our president.

I live in Texas and there is NO longlife wiper in that killer heat, period. They will last longer but not enough to justify the extra cost. I just buy one that is cheap and fits and replace when needed.

When the refills started vanishing I bought a bunch at cheap prices online but none are long enough for the long one on Versa, I cut the longer refills to match any needed shorter ones. I may end up refitting the long Versa one with a shorter one to get cheaper wipers, BTDT. Was looking at the effective sweep width the other night to see what I could lose with no safety loss driving.
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