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I have will learn to deal with them as there is NO cure. Yes, I hurt pretty much all the time and even more when cold fronts come in even in the summer. NSAIDS are your cheap friend but they require more the longer you take them and you MUST break off them in regular breaks to also get rid of the rejection buildup they do that also brings on more serious things like heart and blood vessel rupturing especially in stomach or gastric, good way to die in 2 hours when it happens and they can't figure out where you are bleeding from. Osteo runs in our family, Mom has it so bad the bone rubbing on bone then makes the bone signal damage and then it grows all out of whack to deform the joints, her fingers and feet look like they are off monsters.

Gouty arthritis like said is often weeded out if not big toe and it's crap, it can affect anything in lower body, I've been not able to walk for a month (achilles tendon section) over it. PROTEIN used there is a serious mistake, the urea that converts into gout crystals comes DIRECTLY from protein intake and the quickest way to get it if predisposed, eat a steak the day before and you got it in the next couple days guaranteed. Letting feet get cold at night the second fastest way to get a flare, slowing circulation then quits pulling off the urea out of tissues. Protein drinks are flat stupid, they stress the heart WAAAY too much for any benefit from the whopping caffeine which also tenses muscles up to pull harder on joints, how you think they help is beyond me, mental issue there methinks.

I still work on the cars and house but the length of time each time is much shorter and can't do it everyday any longer, I need a day or more for the pain to mostly go away so I can do it again.
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