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Any time bone gets injured it tries to grow back in an effort to heal. Unfortunately it often grows in a distorted way and why later with time bone injuries repaired that work fine, later then begin to cause more trouble when the bone builds up to mess with joint or other.

When it comes to gout at least there is no 'slightly' with diet, the protein effect is pretty much locked in place as the protein is where the urea comes from. You know it at first when light, it begins as a small sting that quickly grows much worse into solid pain. Allopurinol will take pretty good care of it but you must take the pills all the time, they only begin to work after a couple weeks and will not help it if you have it right then.

The NSAIDS................what I meant to get clear but didn't above.................they become less effective the more of them you take and the longer you take the last of my work history the company had me working habitual 14 hr. days and I was taking 12-16 of them a day at 200mg. and they basically were doing very little or nothing by then. Stopped using and went to other pain relief and later came back to them and much better result as long as I keep that in mind.

Went out this morning at 5A and rebuilt the ignition on one of the Focus cars, it began to miss quite badly on one cylinder, another free repair that cost me virtually nothing. Bad plug wire, I simply threw one in from the saved used set I had changed before after a wire ohm check showed infinity resistance on one. Why I often do not toss old parts, often they become the cores for a rebuild of some sort. Or torn apart to see how construction is laid out to then rig another to work where it didn't before. Did the same on coil connector to get a new $30 one for nothing too, those go bad on those cars quite frequently too. I had to graft in new pin plugs at maybe a cost of $1. Runs fine now.

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