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That's a shame. I read the 2018 Versa Note owner's manual and I saw the 0W-20 oil just as you did. It's the same engine model (HR16DE). Maybe Nissan switched to the thinner oil to increase EPA fuel economy ratings; the ratings went down slightly due to the new EPA testing procedures enacted in 2017, I believe, from 40 MPG highway to 39 MPH highway and from 35 MPG combined to 34 MPG combined for the CVT. Who knows, it could be due to the rod knock.

I read the 2017 Versa Note owner's manual as well and it still recommends 5W-30 so the change to 0W-20 is only for 2018. What a pain; my mom's 2016 Honda Accord requires 0W-20 oil and conventional oil is unavailable in 0W-20. She has to buy synthetic oil and the oil change shops charge an arm and a leg for synthetic oil changes. I hope to change the oil for her car myself next time to save her some money.

EDIT: shows that the 2018 CVT has the same fuel economy ratings as the 2017 CVT (31/39/34) so the switch to 0W-20 didn't help in that regard.

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