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I was going to tell you, you are WRONG, but I cant find the miles in the owners manual. I think my car came with a sheet of paper that for the lifetime engine and power train warranty offered by the dealer I will have it serviced like every 3 months or 3,333 miles. I asked the service dept and they said twice a year or 5 thousand miles.

Although both seem excessive I will admit the oil in this car "looks" dirty sooner than the other vehicles that used 0w20 oil and had a yearly oil change requirement. Of course looks doesnt necessarily tell the whole story vs an oil analysis, but since I get lifetime free oil changes who am I to complain?

When it comes to oil you got 2 issues. 1, the oil filter gets full so unfiltered oil circulates around the engine. 2, you use up the additives in the oil and excessive wear for certain parts starts. When this happens you hear extra knocks, ticks, etc you didnt hear before. I hear this on the other cars and always changed the oil in them sooner than recommended. The filter one is hard to judge unless you use a wireless temp meter. A cool filter is full of crap and your oil is being bypassed.
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