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I had to disconnect the leads to my driver side airbag because Nissan refused to offer me a loaner, or disable the faulty airbag for the time being. They had the nerve to tell me back in October that I shouldn't be driving the vehicle, but that replacement airbags won't be in until Spring 2018.

I decided to take disconnect to 2 wires leading to the airbag. I'd rather take my chances wearing a seat belt and being a defensive driver than hoping my airbag won't turn into a clay more in the event of a fender bender. I was planning on playing dumb when I bring it in for the airbag to get replaced, but now I get the same flashing warning light on my dash.

As other's have said I'd make sure those 2 leads are connected to the airbag. If they are you know the path you need to be looking down. Also tun your VIN in the airbag recall database to see if it comes up on the list.
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