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Originally Posted by jnewkirk77 View Post
Now that the '18s are starting to hit the local dealer lots (and we'll start getting them at Hertz fairly soon), I took a gander at the '18 Versa owners manuals (both sedan and Note) last night and noticed something new: Nissan is now recommending 0W-20 oil.

I'm curious if they've made any big engine changes that called for the swap, because it seems to me that is quite a difference in viscosity.

Anyone here already using it? I might try it for my next change (due up @ 65K in February). Thoughts???
I dont think its too big a deal, but I personaly wouldnt use 0w-20, now if you live where it is colder more often i suppose it would be fine, since its the same HR16DE motor though i would use 5w-30, full syn if you would like, heck use 0w-30 would even be better...
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