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Originally Posted by Keith Wagner View Post
I know thread resurrection but.....

I just put fogs on my 09 S.
I bought some fogs that were on a 2013 Cube. I noticed they were Valeo.
I would assume that they are the OEM.

Valeo part number is 43403, and is a direct fit.

Nissan part numbers that will work are
26150-8993B - Superceded 8990B
These fogs were on many Nissan/Infinity vehicles

If you choose stock, the turn signal switch is
This switch is very difficult to find through auto recyclers. Be easier to get through dealer.

This info is for 07-12 only.

Hope this helps
Originally Posted by Tybell View Post
I have a 2011 s hatch that came pre-wired. What I did with those hanging wires was purchase some fog lights for a 2014 model and plugged em right in. Connected perfectly and a stalk from 2012 Sentra which was a breeze to connect as well. Mind you, I had to dremel my fog covers a certain way to fit nicely. What Iím trying to get at is that some parts are compatible, try em out.
Hi guys,

How do I make sure that I have mine prewired? I tried opening the hood and look around with a lamp but I dind't see anything (I think). We are they located, if I have them?

Mine is a 2012 1.8 S HB.


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