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i have the same vehicle and out of curiosity, how many miles are on your vehicle when the 1st and 2nd CVT failed? Was the recommended fluid exchange schedule followed using the correct CVT specific fluid?

The only way this could possibly be cost effective is if you buy a totaled versa of the same year that is a manual. I did this a couple years ago on my Honda and then actually converted it back to an automatic due to an issue with the manual transmission that I bought.

Your list looks decent but its the small things that become the MAJOR headaches.

It was an absolute nightmare trying to install the clutch pedal assemble. Only the manual versions had the mounting bracket welding to the firewall and underneath the cowl. Meaning I had to mess with the wiper assembly in order to make a DIY assembly that would securely take the force of the clutch pedal being depressed and whatnot. Then swapping the brake pedal was a process that took hours of being upside down in the footwell all because two little springs would not cooperate. What about the system from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder? I bypassed it by having a custom stainless steel braided line made in order to make the install easier and not have to mess with purchasing a used Honda dampening system.

No idea on the ECU. I had to get a manual ECU because my car was OBDII and they integrated the TCU into the ECU whereas the OBDI had a seperate TCU and all you had to do was unplug it.

You'll need the clutch safety switch, the wiring, probably cv shafts that are specific to the manual. I was able to use the passenger side cv shaft but the manual trans on my Honda used an intermediate shaft as well as a short CV shaft.

Speaking of which, you'll probably need different motor/trans mounts and the angle of the engine/trans will make a difference. I had to pinpoint the location of the passenger side trans mount bolt because if you used the automatic placement it would bind the CV shaft and you end up having to replace them every couple hundred of miles.

Plus the array of various bolts, bushings, and everything else. Its not easy.....

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