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Thanks for the replys!
My first CVT went out at around 34,000 (just under factory warranty of 36,000) so it was covered, my versa is now just over 68,000. The warranty for my second CVT was unfortunately good for only 12 months/12,000 miles.

The fluid was never changed in my original CVT, or my current CVT until about three weeks ago when I had my passenger side drive shaft replaced due what I thought was a bad CV joint. Turns out the clicking and thumping I was hearing and feeling was just my CVT going bad as the new driveshaft changed nothing. If anything, since the fluid was replaced after shaft replacement, it has gotten much worse as it now periodically will clank into gear (from Park to Drive or Drive to Reverse) and I have lost power in the high end (second band) with more vibration. I called Nissan today to see if they would do a CVT fluid flush and they told me they wouldn't do anything until I get a CVT diagnostic check for $130... They actually told me (and I have heard this before) that CVT fluid changes/flushes are not recommended by Nissan. Not sure why. So I went ahead and made an appointment for Friday. I figure it might get me some answers. If they tell me I need a new trans I'll cut my losses and drive the car till it dies and continue looking into the CVT to manual swap in the meantime, but I also have my eye on some used 5 speed Corollas.

From what I read, the process for a CVT to the four speed auto transmission is just as labor intensive and almost as costly as the CVT to manual swap. The only main parts I believe not needed are the shifter, clutch, and pedal rack. I figured if I'm going through all the trouble, I might as well spent a little more money and time and make it a manual which is cheaper to repair/Service down the road.

A donor car would be the easiest route. Thanks for the links Cobb, not sure I trust buying something I can't see in person but that might be my only good route to get a donor car. Craigslist and FB market place has very little in the ways of junked 2012-2016 1.6 versas. And what I do find is far away or a little too sket for me to take seriously.

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