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When the fluid was changed was it done at the dealer with OEM fluid?

If there is one fluid on a vehicle that should ONLY be done at the would be transmission fluid. Our shop used Kendall products and the list of which of their fluids could be used on what vehicle was a nightmare. First, its too easy for a tech to read the ticket wrong and grab the wrong fluid....or accidentally pump it out of the wrong barrel. In addition, all of the containers and units has residual fluid from the previous vehicle that was serviced.....blah. Being a Honda obsessed freak, i constantly told people with Hondas to do it themselves or go to the dealership and stay miles away from universal type fluids.

Regarding the recommendation not to flush or change, I would assume the recommendation is not to FLUSH. Alot of Honda transmissions are low pressure units with permanent screens/filters that cannot be serviced unless you physically tear down the transmission. Flushing them creates pressure inside of the tranny that there werent ever meant to handle in addition to forcing all of the debris and wear material into the permanent filter and clogging it which will eventually starve the tranny of fluid and burn it out. I change my ATF (As do most others) by simply draining the fluid, refilling with fresh ATF, driving for 10-50 miles, and repeating the process 2 more times. Works great!
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