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Big time CVT headache

Bought a 07 versa from an auction recently and of course the trans is not only out but it's a cvt.

I can't find a cvt trans that I can afford anywhere.. there at least $1400. What's worse is that I'm assuming the labor will be through the roof as well because you have to drop the subframe out of the vehicle in order to install yaddi yadda.

I'm trying to explore all my options and minimize the damage.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Is it conceivable at all that a cvt trans from a Sentra could be slapped in? Are there any wizard mechanics who could slap in a standard 4 spd trans and modify the ecu?

How on God's sun blanched earth can I discover any alternative other than junking the car and losing $1700 minimum. I cannot buy a $1400 trans..
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