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YOU SOUND EXACTLY LIKE ME!!!!! To make matters worse my 70+ year old mother choose to move in with me when my father her husband died. I told her she picked the wrong son to live with, but seems 90% of the time both of us had pains that was weather related.

After being septic this winter I havent been the same. Im loosing 4 lbs a week, which isnt a bad thing. I was 400 lbs too. I am finding diet is related. Ive been eating chicken egg burritos at wawa and they seem to help with pain and nourishment. I know they arent that healthy, but my mother passed away and she use to baby me doing all basic stuff like cleaning, laundry and cooking. I think it maybe cheaper and more convenient to let wawa cook for me.

For the most part I take a tylenol #4 in the morning to get out of bed, then later in the day after I eat an NSAID. Then later in the day if the pain comes back another tylenol#4 .

Interestingly, when I was in the hospital and got an iv of antibiotics I was pain free. Still had the lack of energy or ability to move at times and later the pain sensation came back a month later. I know being fat doesnt help, but I wasnt fat when this started and got worse.

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I'm in a similar boat. I have pain in every joint and muscle. I have extreme exhaustion, severe brain fog and I'm losing muscle. A neurologist sent me to a fibromyalgia doc. The fibro doc didn't think it was fibro but suspected MS. Brain scans have found no sign of MS. Sleep study diagnosis was Narcolepsy with cataplexy. But that isn't progressive and not pain causing, but I'm steadily getting weaker and hurting more. 15 years ago I did a full body off frame restoration on a car. Now my DRL mod on this Versa is still in the package. All I have to do is run an ignition +12V to the module. This heat takes what little strength I have in a few minutes. I've had my heart checked with echo and stress test and they say it's fine.
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