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Originally Posted by spacemanjupiter View Post
This suddenly started this morning. While turning left or right I hear loud popping, springing sounds, almost like springs catching on something or breaking. Any idea what this may be, how to repair it, and most importantly, is it dangerous? This is my friend's car. We both have no choice but to use this to get to our jobs. I'm borrowing it because mine is broken down, so this is a very uncomfortable situation for me. In case you're wondering, i'm a very cautious and easy driver. You can hear the issue quite well in the youtube video I've posted here. Thanks for any advice!
The sound you hear may not be a spring, but Nissan has a recall for front spring failures for that year. Check with any Nissan dealer, provide them with the vin number, and they can tell you if your friends car has had its springs replaced. It is at NO COST to the owner!! My 2009 versa sedan was parked in the driveway when the front drivers side spring let go.
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