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You STILL need independent confirmation of that code from a separate unconnected source, I say that after one dealer trip over a blown fuse morphed into a 3 week long horror that turned into over $5K in supposed warranty repair that never got done at all. Code reading is free in most places and one should take advantage of that.

It applies to non-warranty work at an independent shop as well. NEVER take only the guy charging the check amount's word alone. So many make that crucial mistake and it can cost you hundreds if not more.

And write the code down, I used to carp at customers who would not do that when I read OBD and they then refused to later remember it incorrectly and then the money losing begins. On the car sites half the time the code has been remembered incorrectly and then the hapless souls spend big money only to find out 2 pages later in the thread they had the wrong code to begin with and all that lost money............I have found the enemy and he is ME.
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