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Originally Posted by Ebeeem View Post
Hey guys, Iím new to this forum, and thank you in advance for accepting me among yourselves. I donít have a fluent or perfect English but I will do my best to explain my situation. The reason I write this subject is because I had a little issue with my car yesterday. I must say that I have already had an empty engine oil tank. I have a 2009 Nissan Versa which I drive for Uber, and this Friday night I was driving with no issue when suddenly my car died at a traffic light. I struggled with it to start it up again and when I did I head home. In like 5 minutes away from my house the car died again at another traffic light, but this time I couldnít turn on the engine. I called a friend of mine and I told him to come and to bring jumper cables. We tried several time and it work but what I have noticed is like a clicking noise coming from the engine area, Iím not sure if itís the engine or not, but when I got a little hill my car started to slow down and then it died again. I just want to know if Iím having a serious problem in the engine or if it has something to do with the battery or the alternator or something else. Thank you.
If you mean by "empty engine oil tank", that the engine ran on little or no oil then you may have a major problem on your hands. If you run your engine with low or no oil, it will seize up, meaning you can no longer turn or start the engine. From what I gather from your story, I am of the opinion that your engine is seized, and if that is the case there is possibly MAJOR internal damage and the engine may have to be replaced. What I would suggest first is to check the oil level and make sure it is where it needs to be. Second, with the ignition in the OFF position try and turn the engine over by hand using the crankshaft nut. If the engine won't turn, it may be and indication that the engine needs to be replaced. If the engine does turn, try and start it. If when you say "empty engine oil tank" you mean the gasoline tank, that could be a different story. If that is the case, your fuel pump may be on the way out, or your fuel filter could be clogged, but that would not stop the motor from turning. Good luck!!!

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