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I would get the battery loadtested first to make sure it's not that. If battery is low sometimes the solenoid will not throw out completely to just let the starter spin free, it doesn't spin the motor.

Then buy entire starter likely next, if the solenoid is not the issue you still fix the problem that way. The solenoid by itself may be bad and just not throw out to again engage the engine, OR, the starter has a reduction geartrain in it which would then spin free as a gear has broken there and the starter or bendix itself is the problem, solenoid won't touch that. Bendix and solenoid are two different things, the solenoid connects up big power and works an arm that throws the bendix forward, the bendix being the one way clutch gear that allows the starter to back off from flexplate when the engine spins up faster in rpm than the starter can spin it.

The solenoid commonly does NOT sell separately unless you DEMAND it, they will play stupid to sell the entire starter if they can.

May not be starter at all, when mine died the car made a buzzing noise that was not starter at all but a rookie might think so, rather a relay buzzing due to low power. The battery was dead, why I said get it checked first, could save a lot of money.

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