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Ok so after having the starter tested at 2 Autozone locations I'm still a bit confused. It passed 2 tests at 1st Autozone. I decided to take to another Autozone. 1st one passed, 2nd failed, and 3rd passed.

Here's the thing, the guy may have cabled it wrong for the second test. It was different person who did the 1st test. After re-cabling (with guy who did 1st test), 2nd guy got it to pass the 3rd attempt...I asked him about this and he said it could point to solenoid starting to fail intermittently, not cabling error. At any rate I still ordered a new starter bc I have to start checking things off the list before I resort to towing to a mechanic. I will return the new starter if it doesn't work.

I brought battery in to same Autozone right now to be tested. He said it was at 58% and could definitely use a charge. So they are charging it now.

My question now:
If the car battery sat unused from Dec 18/19 until being tested today Jan 1, and it was at 58%, would that be normal or expected level to drop to?

Battery only has 30k miles on it.
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