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Originally Posted by Pickleweed View Post
The overwhelming consensus on this forum are these cars are trash???
When I had my 58 Volkswagen, people would laugh as soon as I parked the car and got out. No fuel gauge, no radio, 36 horse power, no rear defroster...........just a simple car that would take you where you wanted to go for about a dollars worth of gas. Same car that sold for about one thousand new, now sells for $40,000 if fair shape. Was this car trash?? Same goes for the VW Bus.......selling for over FIFTY GRAND in fair shape. Thats not chump change. Versas are not perfect, but for owners who just want a decent mode of transportation, they fit the bill, and don't break the bank. Not everyone wants to spend 50-60 grand for a new, super deluxe car with all the bells and whistles. The other thing is that when you do have one of those upscale vehicles, you become paranoid every time you park the car hoping nobody is going to ding the doors or better yet ram your car with a shopping cart. As for your vehicle, I think you did a fine job and I don't know what is not COOL about it. I have driven cars in the past that should have been put in a circus with the clowns, but they always got me where I needed to go in one piece. Don't let any criticism from other people mess with your fun!!!!!!

1958 Volkswagen Beetle
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