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2011 1.8 6 speed clutch replacement

Ok, so I have a 2011 Nissan Versa S 1.8 6speed and the clutch almost at that point where you know its going to start slipping soon because it does not engage until about an inch from the top of the pedal. So I started pricing this out to a few shops and HOLY cow $1600-$1900 to do a clutch job WTF that's half what the car is even worth...... no idea why it's that high but ok??? A little about me I grew up around a junkyard so actually working on cars isn't an issue brake job, trans swaps, radiator you name it on yeah sure but it's been a long time since I did any of that lol 7-10 years and I looked at this trans in this car and I'm not going to lie it looks like a biotch but I definitely not going to pay $1900 to have it done when the clutch itself only cost $160...........

so what I'm getting at is if anyone here has done said task and ran into anything I should know about or any information or technique that works best I'd be much appreciative for that information to make my life that much easier I plan to do it next weekend on the 9th I do not have access to a lift so I will be doing it on the ground with jack stands and a floor jack and a neighbor or 2and some beer because friends normally work for free when beer is involved !!!

Oh and if anyone knows the socket size for the axle be much <3

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