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Originally Posted by Pickleweed View Post
There are rules to customizing a car???

Doesn't that make, "custom car," an oxymoron???
In the car world - a sense.

Fake badges don't make any sense whatsoever. Putting a GTR badge on a vehicle that isn't a GTR or doesn't have a GTR model makes absolutely no sense. What exactly does GTR mean? What is the point of putting it on a vehicle when there is absolutely no correlation between the badge that has been added and any minuscule thing of the vehicle? It makes as much sense as putting a Toyota emblem on your Versa. If you speak with true auto enthusiasts it is simply comical and "rice". The same with fake hood scoops, they just look tacky, it is a waste of money, less aerodynamic, and screams, "i know nothing about cars other than what is in the custom section at autozone". Why not use the money towards actual things instead? If you like rally cars, save the money on fake parts and save it towards a suspension that is more rally like.

Custom Car being an oxymoron? What?
An oxymoron would be a "little mountain", "controlled chaos", or "jumbo shrimp". Two words that mean the opposite thing when referring to one thing. Custom car is not an oxymoron.

Look, when I first got my cars I put all sorts of stupid rice crap on my vehicle that i thought looked cool and became infuriated when people made fun of my car. Now that i've gotten older and have actually become an auto enthusiast who worked at an auto shop, customizes my own vehicles, work on my own vehicles, converted my Honda from automatic to manual, and drives 8+ hours each way (minimum) twice a year for various Import Auto shows, I know what is a clean/tasteful car with actual time and/or money invested versus buying random plastic crap, a roll of 3M Automotive tape, and sticking anything to it that I can. You will learn with time just as most of us do. I look back and cringe on the stupid things like Altezza tail lights, chrome hubcaps, exhaust tips, yellow seat covers, and more. It would have been far better looking and more fun to have taken that money and bought actual wheels, suspension, or a paint job.

In the end, it is your car and you can do whatever you want to it. But, you'll quickly learn that it will get judged and comments will be made whether you like it or not. By the way, I see the car was a gift. Enjoy it and take care of it. I have much more respect to someone who appreciates things they are given and takes care of them/values them then someone who gets something and just trashes it because it isn't top of the line.

But yeah, these cars are pretty junky. Here is a list of my problems on a car I bought brand new and now has less than 60k miles:
Trunk light was never installed
Dealer broke my rearview mirror before I was even handed the keys after I bought it
The entire electric steering had to be replaced at ~8,000 miles
Random misfire happened a few times causing a CEL with only a few thousand miles on it. Dealer couldn't find a problem.
Exhaust heat shield has failed and been replaced 3 times
Exhaust pipe rusted out twice. Had to patch it back up myself.
About 10,000 miles ago an intermittent issue comes and goes. My vehicle will not accelerate with the right turn signal on and will turn off cruise control when the right turn signal is activated.
Had to replace the accessory belt.
Dealer kept telling me I needed to replace rotors and pads - even after I completed it myself.
With the recent cold, i have been getting some awful metal on metal drivetrain noise.

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