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Originally Posted by versa122 View Post
Your immaturity and inability to take constructive criticism speaks for itself. I was trying to offer suggestions in a tasteful non-offensive manner since you have obviously put money and care into your vehicle. I could have easily ripped your "mods" and questions apart but I chose to actually try to assist and understand your modifications/direction you were going.

Good Luck with your future vehicle ventures. I'll refrain from replying or assisting in any future posts from you as your comments to me and others are ridiculous and vile. I'm not sure how old you are but I do hope that in a few years in the future you'll look back at this and have a different outlook on both your vehicle and attitude.
I just consider anyone who has a problem with my car a child sexual predator because child sexual predators don't want to stand out they want to blend in like yourself.

As a writer and artist, I'm supposed to provoke reactions in people, both good and bad-my car seems to be very polemic, as are my books and art.

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