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It is a company mistake to give all that buying power away but Detroit in todays' world may be stupid enough to do it. Thinking you are going to force more sales to the higher priced models creates an ideal spot for somebody to jump in and take market share. You would have thought they already got that message but in a world of 'facts are not facts', the DAs of the world rally to find 'power' but it almost always backfires on you when you get it truly, you are not smart enough to handle it. The REAL facts of day-to-day work effort then cut you to pieces.

The 'jobs' created now tell one that if you are smart enough to know what to look for..............of course there are more jobs, what happens when you take every one and split it up to give it to 3 temps now, but you won't hear one word about THAT in the news. Just ask what those jobs pay, I did a LOT around 5 years ago and glad I gave up re-training to run CNC manufacturing machines, the pay had crashed by like 70%. My printing pay did the same, dropped by 80% in some cases. The companies now get such incompetent help that they cannot stay on top of all the errors created, so they went the other way, to lower pay enough the errors hopefully can be glossed over enough by the profits to not impact bottom lines. Why when you go somewhere with the best training and experience in the world they STILL low ball you, hoping you cave in to get maximum freebie benefit but not caring if you don't.

The last 3 companies I worked at as a manager balked heavily when I tried to get them to clean house of worthless employees, they complained it cost them more to row through them than to suffer their incompetence all day long. Of course when I put figures to paper showing the realworld losses they did not want to see them, management at its' finest. You gotta remember they are 'Rule of McDonalds' graduates too.

All of this is why the car makers risk greatly going to upper end only as an escape, just ask J C Penney how well that is working right now.............they fool you for a while (EVERYBODY is in the 'new' normal now where truth is not to be found and it includes the familys' fake economics and by extension prosperity), but then the end gets ugly.

If Nissan can get through the situation it is in now to become clean of overhead meddling and bump the quality up some while still keeping cost low (Ford was the cheap car company until the turn of the century, now it is Nissan) this may be their moment to take over the car world.

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