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Post Nissan Tiida (versa hatchback 2008) Accelaration problems

Hello heres my story ,
bought the car in 2008 been running fine until last year ,
all of a sudden was driving normally when i go to press the gas pedal the car would not move forward , but still make the vroom vroooom sound , if you press all the way down on the gas pedal the car will move forward a little bit but the car will make the extreme vroooooooom sound .
So I moved to the side of the road , and turned of the car and then turned back on , the car drives normally again , i can press gas pedal and its like nothing has happened .
It has been doing this for a year , I took it to Nissan Dealership and they told me it might be the transmission .
So I take it to a Transmission specialist shop where they scan the vehicle and find no error codes , the guy tells me the computer needs to be "reprogrammed ".
So my question now is ive been looking online and see alot of problems with Nissan tiida on this , alot of people talk about throttle body etc .
So question is offcourse i would like to know if anybody was able to get this problem fixed.
And when they talk about reprogramming the computer , do they mean actuall plugging a computer and doing the repogram , or doing the reset with the key in the ignitation and performing a few steps ?

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