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beware shops scam

I wanted to flush my transmission oil so I called a local Nissan shop here in NJ. I told the guy over the phone that I wanted them to flush oil plus change transmission filter plus change the gasket, he quoted me $300. When I went there and right before I let them take over my car I told them I wanted the old oil filter and the old gasket back. he started mumbling that this car (versa 2009 1.8L) might not have a filter, and if it does it might be permanent and not replaceable, he also said that there is a drain plug and that in order to flush they don't need to take the pan down. Anyways, I was surprised how they conduct business, he quoted me for oil, a new gasket and a filter but ended up replacing only oil.

Versa is my first car which I bought used in 2018, I've owned motorcycles since I was 17 (I am 35 now). In motorcycle shops it's bad but not this bad... I guess because everything is in the open and you can see right away whats been done and replaced. My advice is always ask for the old parts just to make sure that they actually replaced them.
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