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Originally Posted by amc49 View Post

60K is really too long to run the fluid and I don't care what Nissan says, any company with transmissions going bad right and left right after the first fluid change like these do..........well, I am not going to listen there. I'd be looking at 30 or 40 to change it instead. For sure if a standard ATX, the fluid is burning by then. I changed my standard ATX fluid last year (36K miles or so) with Ford fluid and works fine, saved money doing it too. Nissan fluid is too expensive. You really got no other choice though on CVT and locked into Nissan fluid there.
I have 90K on mine, I got it at 50k and I don't think the trans fluid was ever changed but I don't know.
I check the fluid regularly and it's still you think I should just leave it alone?

Versa 2012 HB S
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