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I drove an 18 sedan w cvt SV

Yeah, yeah, yeah, long time no hear. Lifes been busy screwing me over.

Long story short I drive a black 18 sv versa sedan and in TX, DFW for the locals. Nothing like driving 500 ft at 35 mph then 70+ for the durations of my commutes. Its a cvt with I believe a launch gear or 2 speed automatic.

Anyhoo, cold it feels like I have 4 flat tires and does not like to even coast at 70. After a few miles it seems to warm up and likes to run like the manual one I have.

From a dead stop it will throw you back in the seat, but the acceleration starts to mellow out as you increase in speed. I think 35 mph is the sweet spot where it makes the transition from 1st to 2nd as the cvt uncoils.

At 70 I frequently dip into the 3 grand range for acceleration, but then it returns to a much lower rpm. Having to exit and merge on the left and right vs right from VA I wasnt able to keep an eye on the dash.

So I burned 6 gallons of gas over 100 miles, then again I drove it like a rental car.
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