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Sorry to dig up an old thread, but my 2012 4-door hatchback Versa is having a similar issue to the one described in the initial post here. I've been researching a bunch here, & it definitely sounds like the fuel pressure regulator is the problem. It's not happening all the time - maybe once or twice a week - & the car DOES always fire up eventually ( the most it's taken so far is about 5-6 attempts ).

I'm curious about a couple things :

1. Is there a general thought about how long I can go with this issue before the car stops starting altogether? Obviously, I'm gonna get it fixed ASAP, but my schedule right now is really tight. Wondering if I have some wiggle room.

2. And this may seem like a dumb question, but I've never had this situation occur before. If it's under warranty ( sounds possible - the car's at roughly 48,000 miles ), do I HAVE to take it to the dealership for that repair? Or can the warranty-covered work be done by my local ( & much more convenient ) shop?

Thanks in advance - this forum has been a real lifesaver, info-wise.
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