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Originally Posted by suicidedoordavid View Post
Replaced the clockspring recently on my 2011 Versa hatchback due to some of the wheel controls not working.I bought a $26 unit off of ebay if that helps any. Changing the clockspring solved the issues I had, but popped up a traction control light and a airbag light up on the dash. Ran a scanner on the car, air bag has a short. Not sure if its a faulty clockspring or if the plugs of the airbag didn't secure correctly. That's part of the problem, but I'm not too worried about that because the airbag is under a recall so the dealership will be changing that soon.

A Toyota tech mentioned to me that Toyotas need to "relearn" the steering rotation from center to left and center to right full turns before the computer can be kosher with its rotation radius. Could this be the same issue with Nissan? I searched the web quite a few times and have come up with many relearning tutorials for the throttlebodies, but NOTHING for the steering wheel.
I replied in the other thread but I'd like to add something.
when you replaced the clockspring I guess you had to attach the SAS sensor from the old clockspring, the one with the little white harness, right? It should be Bosch branded.

I guess that's what it's triggering the traction control light.

A reset should do it.

Did you proceed to code reset the airbag after the reistallation?

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